Custom Control Panels and Lamacoid Tags

Lamacoid Tags and Custom Control Panels

If you thought that Bastion Engraving was just that place where you bought gold, silver or bronze medals for the baseball tournament, or that amazing 1st place winning trophy, you may want to consider taking a closer look at the other industrial and commercial services we specialize in. We have a broad suite of industrial engraving products including professional quality lamacoid tags and labels and expertly designed custom control panels.

Lamacoid Tags

For those of you that don’t know what a lamacoid tag is, they are the little plastic signs that caution us not to touch electrical boxes, that tell us which office our children’s school principal works in, and more familiarly the signs that tell us who the employee of the month is at our favorite fast food restaurant. They can describe a job title, give directions or tell you where to put particular tools away at the end of a long shift. A lamacoid is a word generally used to describe plastic tags that are inscribed with simple information. Bastion offers them in just about every color of the rainbow. They are constructed from inexpensive 2-ply or 3-ply material and are then engraved with a state-of-the-art engraving machine. The words are then painted with a degradation resistant paint for a clean look. They can also be beveled. They can be glued or bolted into place and can be ordered with an adhesive slip-free backing. The results are a cost effective label or sign that can be ordered to come in just about any size, color or shape. The service is offered both commercially or industrially.

Custom Control Panels

Bastion Engraving also fabricates custom control panels. For those of us that are in the engineering trade the industrial applications here are endless. Bastion can create a control panel using your drawings or just by supplying your specific measurements. They can be made in any language. They can be customized for vehicles, heavy equipment or large ships and airplanes. They are also available for commercial applications. We can create control panels for home theatres, stereo systems or security monitoring equipment. They can be designed for almost any purpose where a control panel is needed to organize a light, button, toggle or switch. They can be fabricated from metal or plastic and can be painted or molded in a variety of styles and colors. Simply provide us with a printout containing measurements and other information and we will generate your order and ship it nationwide. We service Canada and the US.

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