When you are in need of a Commemorative Plaque, a Memorial Plaque or a Plaque of Distinction or Recognition, we can help.

Bastion Engraving have one of Vancouver Island’s most diverse selection of popular plaque styles, and we have them available in stock everyday, all year round. If you need something a little more unique or personal, we have the technology to customize your specialty order using an enormous selection of materials, in virtually any size or color. The materials we can use are not limited to metals or plastics, but include beautiful wood and stone products.

Bastion Engraving can create and design plaques that are available in cast or etched form. All of our plaques can be manufactured in bronze, granite, aluminum or stainless steel. We also feature a porcelain memorial plaque. All of our memorial plaques are suitable for use outside.

The plastics we use can include laminates or acrylics of almost any color. When using wood to create a plaque, we can use walnut or maple and we can even laser engrave custom images and text over wooden surfaces. Take a look at one of our laser engraved maple plaques.

We also use various metals like brass, aluminum and stainless steel to fabricate specialty plaques for any purpose or occasion. Our customization process allows us to create them to be mounted on walls, or other surfaces. They can be framed or just displayed loosely.

Bastion Engraving design plaques for any theme. Whether you need a commemoration, a memorial, a remembrance or a simple recognition award. They can be manufactured to include text and images. We can create a small plaquette or a large, full sized shield or crest. Contact us if you have a special order or project in mind and would like to find out if we can help by custom making it for you.

Please feel free to give us a call if you would like more information about a plaque, a trophy, or an award. We also have a large selection of generic plaques that are cost efficient, in-stock and available immediately.